The research goal of SG-REAL is developing ‘Power System Operation and Control’ algorithms in the context of the evolving smart grid. Availability of the smart grid data such as synchrophasor data, smart meter data, distribution automation data, cyber logs provide opportunities for better control and optimization algorithms for power system operation and control precisely towards resiliency. The approach developed by my research group includes physics-driven machine learning for power grid operation and control. My existing research projects with external and internal collaborators relate to the following.

Power System Operation and Control

Data-Driven Computational Algorithms to enable security, resiliency, sustainability and voltage stability of the power grid (Transmission Systems with Microgrid and Active Distribution Systems)

Real-Time, Multi-Layer Cyber–Power Testbed for Resiliency Analysis

Real-Time Modeling and Analysis of Cyber-Power Systems for quality-aware synchrophasor applications and resiliency analysis

Industrial Grade Tools

Industry-grade tool development for electric grid resiliency, smart grid data analytics

List of Existing Research Projects


WVU Project


  1. Lead-PI, Augmenting and Advancing Cognitive Performance of Control Room Operators for Power Grid Resiliency, NSF, $1.378M (Total: $2.01M) (08/18-08/23)
  2. Lead-PI, CPS: DFG Joint: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Secure Holonic control and Optimization for the Networked CPS (aDaptioN), NSF/ DFG, $810K (01/20-12/22)
  3. WVU PI, Efficient UltRa Endpoint IoT-enabled Coordinated Architecture (EUREICA), DOE, $279K (07/20-06/23)
  4. Co-Lead PI, UI-ASSIST: US-India collAborative for smart diStribution System wIthSTorage, DOE/DST/Washington State University, $1.5M (Total: $39M) (09/17-09/22)
  5. WVU PI, SolarSTARTS: Solar-Assisted State-Aware and ResilienT infrastructure System, DOE/ University of Utah, $450,000 (Total: $3.5M) (01/20-12/22)


WSU Project


  1. Co-PI, Grid Ready Energy Analytics Training with Data, DOE/ Electric Power Research Institute, $244K (04/19-03/24)
  2. WSU PI, Tools for keeping your power ON during extreme events, WSU OC Commercialization Gap Funding (CGF), $37,948 (01/21-12/21)
  3. WSU PI, Data-driven Control of DERs & Hybrid PV Plants for Enhancing Voltage Stability Over Multiple Timescales, NSF I/UCRC PSERC, $220K (07/21-07/23)
  4. WSU PI, Federated Predictive Analysis For Power Grid Using Multi Agent Models, PNNL DGRP, $103,562 (01/21-12/22)


Previous Research Project


  1. WSU PI, AGI Grid SandBox, Pacific Northwest National Lab, $190,000 (08/19-09/21)
  2. WSU PI, NOMARS, Siemens / DARPA, $45,000 (12/20-03/21)
  3. Lead-PI, AGGREGATE: dAta-driven modelinGpreservinGcontRollabledErfor outaGemAnagemenT and rEsiliency, DOE, $900K (Total: $2.29M) (10/17-06/21)
  4. WSU PI, Resilient Alaskan Distribution system Improvements using Automation, Network analysis, Control, and Energy storage (RADIANCE), INL/DOE, $400K (Total: $6.2M) (11/17-12/20)



Dr. Subir Majumder

Engineering Scientist


Dr. Sagnik Basumallik

Engineering Scientist


Partha Sarathi Sarker

Ph.D. Student


Mohammed M. Hussain

Ph.D. Student